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How to Access Training

Step 1 : Requesting Access

Currently, the San Diego Harbor Police Foundation offers training to employees working at airports, hotels, and food & beverage establishments. To access the training for your employees, please click below to create a login and request access. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Please note: the login you create will be the same login for all employees within your company, organization, or business. 

Step 2: Accessing Training

Once approved, you will recieve a confirmation email. Please share the login with your employees, and instruct them to access the appropriate course through this site. There are currently six course options available: Hotel Housekeeping & Room Service, Hotel Front Desk & Guest Services, Hotel Security, Airport Workers, Airport Security, and Food & Beverage. Each employee should access the appropriate training only once, and upon completing the quiz they will be able to download a certificate with their name on it. 

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